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“Real change in real time,” — Michael T. Mongno, MFT, Ph.D

Manhattan NYC Couples Relationship Therapy & 24-Year Marriage Counseling.

Individual Psychotherapy Counseling - Leading Holistic Approach.

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100 W. 67th Street, Suite #2 NE  10023 NY. 
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Michael Mongno

Working with Me

You can expect to:

1 Gain greater Self-Awareness for best correction of unrewarding or destructive behaviors within oneself and in couples relationships.
2 Experience relief from anxiety, depression, loneliness, and from the uncertainty of difficult relationships and life transitions.
3 Experience greater Mindfulness towards being consistently present to "what is"
4 Learn the deep skill of Authentic Communication—the most effective way to transform each of your relationships

The Process

Manhattan NYC couples seeking relationship therapy and counseling (partners or marriage) work with me often on personal recommendations as my counseling work comes from an extensive reservoir of self-work and self-reflection. This is what I've practiced over my life, and utilized in helping hundreds of couples living in the city. The synthesis of this life work — along with my extensive training in multiple therapeutic modalities — enables me to bring insightful and emotionally corrective experiences as exemplary guides to a wide range of clients. The result is greater cognitive understanding and emotional self awareness. My therapy also deeply cultivates for couples an enhanced ability to live more freely and from a larger and more vital frame of existence. Thus they experience a greater quality of life. For NYC -based couples seeking insightful therapy for their relationship, please reach out to me soon to start a life-changing dialog.

Best Life Coaches Award

Manhattan NYC Relationship Counseling Therapy - Proven, Affordable

Relationship therapy is insight-driven and transformative counseling for married couples, partners, or new relationship couples. It starts in my dialog with clients in the insightful examination of the relationship they have with themselves. After this is established, the process looks at how they extend relationships to others - including their partners. Our early upbringing creates the template for how we feel about ourselves, manage our emotions, treat others or relate to them. It doesn't matter whether you're in a marriage or living together, or even seeing each other frequently. This forms the bedrock of our own deep approach to relating. It can mold us in very powerful ways. This, of course, applies to all of us: all races, creeds, cultures and gender orientation. That's why my therapy clients include many Manhattan, NYC LGBTQ+ couples or partners.

In relationship counseling we find that our present issues arise from deficiencies in our capacity to create meaningful connections with others. Many of us have formed beliefs that are incomplete and we then think that another person will complete us, and that seems to be a very good approach at first. However, working with me allows to you discover who you are in relationship, revealing your innate wholeness. This deeply transformational experience translates into every area of your life. Letting go of the persona that was created to cope in the world is powerful and freeing as we find that simply being ourselves is enough. We now bring all parts of ourselves into relationships with an ease and vitality to live a more genuine life.

Midtown Manhattan's best relationship counseling therapy - if you're looking for relationship therapy for couples (married or not, and including LGBTQ+) that is successful, long-lasting and affordable, then please call or email me today. NYC 10023, NY, location - conveniently close for couples or individuals to visit.


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Couples Clients Say

"Thank you so much for your email! We are officially married. We literally couldn’t have done it without you. We will be forever grateful for all the support and guidance you showed us. You truly helped us grow as people and as a couple, and I know we will use the tools you taught us throughout our entire relationship."
—Christina and Dan, New York City


"We live in Manhattan. My partner and I went to Michael as partners who had just come together. Our relationship experienced growing pains early on. We were looking for a very good, experienced couples counselor, one who could guide us on a self-learning and communicating journey as individuals and as a couple. We found Michael online, and his midtown therapist office was very convenient.

In his counseling therapy Michael quickly observed that each of us had varied needs and spoke divergent languages due to our personality types being appreciably different.

He taught us what really are the best tools to enhance communication, understanding and acceptance of one another. Through his relationship work we were able to understand one another and listen to each other at a much more inclusive level than before.

I have taken part in other counselings for issues prior to this, so I'd say I have good experience in evaluating a therapist. Michael is the best - a very experienced couples therapist in Manhattan."
Chris H, New York City - 5-star Yelp Review


"Dr. Mongno is a fantastic therapist and, more than that, a blessing to us. When my wife and I first met him, we were going on 6 years together (not yet married) and had broken off an engagement at one point in our relationship. We loved each other, felt connected at the deepest levels, yet struggled with many issues. Our inability to maintain consistent peace was exhausting and taking its toll on us. We finally took action to seek couples therapy. I called Dr. Mongno and explained we needed to see him that day and he made time for us that evening. That one call changed our life. Today, we are married, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary last week, and we have a 2 month old baby boy."
Greg and Iris, Manahattan, New York

Manhattan, NYC relationship and marriage counseling therapy - successful for hundreds of couples - from marriage counseling to partnered couples. "I’ve worked with and helped hundreds of couples over many years to lead fulfilling, emotionally connected, and happier lives. My couples and marriage counseling practice enjoys a very good reputation in Manhattan, NY, and is considered among the best in helping couples attain deeply meaningful relationships. I offer affordable rates for all individuals."

Upper West Side. Midtown. Manhattan. 100 W. 67th Street, Suite #2NE, New York City, NY 10023.

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