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“Real change in real time”
Michael Mongno, MFT, Ph.D. LP

In our work together, you can expect to:

1. Gain greater Self-Awareness for the best correction of unrewarding or destructive thought patterns and behaviors within oneself and in couples relationships.

2. Experience relief from anxiety, depression, loneliness, and from the uncertainty of difficult relationships and life transitions.

3. Experience greater Mindfulness towards being consistently present to “what is happening in the here and now”

4. Learn the important skill of Authentic Communication — the most effective way to transform each of your relationships

Listen to my podcast: Relationships require us to evolve to keep them healthy. Go here to listen to my tips on how to keep the spark alive as your relationship grows and evolves>

Couples Counseling Relationship Therapy - Retreat Manhattan NYC

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The way we as human beings attach to each other, the bonds we form and how we interact and interpret relationships is known as attachment. The way we attach is formed early on as a result of how primary caregivers behaved toward meeting their child’s needs.
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Entering into Couples Therapy
Finding the right therapist is a critical element to couples therapy success -that is finding one with whom you resonate. While most therapists can tackle common issues, there are many who specialize in everything from infidelity to sobriety to co-parenting and more.
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Mindfulness: A Discussion with Dr. Michael Mongno
Mindfulness is the cultivation of attending to only the present moment, by being solely focused on and aware of only what is happening now, moment by moment. This is a conscious awareness of our thoughts and feelings, our sense sensations and tuning into our environment without any evaluation or judgement–a complete and compassionate acceptance of whatever is happening now.
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Couple Therapy Retreat Intensive — a strategic way to transform your relationship into the healthy one of which you are so deserving. Please contact me for more information or to schedule yours

My Upper West Side relationship therapy is for individuals, couples, families, business partners, and those who are dating. It starts with the insightful examination of the relationship we have with ourselves, and how this transfers to all relationships – most importantly with our romantic partners.

Integrative Psychotherapy, Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Call or email me soon to start a discussion. My Upper West Side office is conveniently located near Lincoln Center for individuals, couples and families seeking in-person or virtual sessions.

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