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Integrative Psychotherapy Offices Manhattan NY Location:
100 W. 67th Street, Suite #2NE 10023 NY

Upper West Side office:
2 blocks from Lincoln Center

Holistic Psychotherapy
Relationship Counseling (Individuals and Couples)
Marriage Counseling
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“Upper West Side Manhattan NYC Integrative therapy that is insightful, holistic, personalized
and synthesizes ‘what works’ in psychotherapy.”

Michael Mongno, MFT, Ph.D 

Integrative Therapy That Works.

I’m a Manhattan, NY based holistic therapist and relationship counselor with decades of  experience successfully helping  hundreds of individuals. As an integrative psychotherapist I’ve earned an excellent reputation, and am recommended in my field — including appearances in national therapy online media. I founded Present Centered Therapies over 24 years ago, building my practice and reputation in the city and working with many diverse populations over the years. I immediately make my clients feel comfortable by rapidly building trust and confidence through my integrative dialogue process. Present Centered Therapies is the natural outcome of my own therapeutic and holistic psychological training, alongside my own personal development and the spiritual work I’ve actively pursued throughout my life.

My holistic methodology integrates Gestalt and Experiential therapy, Western Psychology, Metaphysics and Eastern Spirituality, as well as current mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction therapies. I have trained with some of the most highly regarded couples therapists, including David Schnarch (Passionate Marriage), Susan Johnson (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy), Harville Hendrix (Getting the Love You Want) and Ester Perel (Mating in Captivity). Over the course of two decades my work in the Present Centered Modality, has proven itself to be a unique and powerful approach that effectively creates “real change in real time.” It has been successfully utilized by a large number and range of individuals and couples seeking personal development, inner growth and relationship healing.

The core techniques of Integrative Psychotherapy are specific to each particular modality being used and can move fluently from one to another as the therapy unfolds.  A client may need experiential work (new self-awareness or an emotionally corrective experience) and then benefit from something cognitive or behavioral. There are also times when a more transcendent framework would be helpful, so an existential or spiritual approach can then be utilized. This could include references to Buddhism for right action or speech, or A Course in Miracles when forgiveness would help to further the healing and move forward.

Dr. Mongno is among the New York City’s most utilized integrative psychotherapists and relationship experts. Affordable holistic therapy rates are important to him so his work is available to all. His upper West Side NYC Manhattan office is conveniently located for easy visiting.

Please reach out to begin an insightful conversation about what might feel unbalanced or unfulfilled in your life.

Licensed NY State Psychoanalyst
Ph.D in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Integrative Psychotherapy
Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy
Certified Gestalt Therapist




Individual Therapy: $225 per 45-minute session
Couples Therapy : $275 per 60 minute session
Telephone and Virtual sessions available
Insurance: Out-of-Network Coverage Only
Form of payment: Check and Cash
Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice required or full session fee will be charged.



Upper West Side. Manhattan.
100 W. 67th Street, Suite #2NE, New York City, NY 10023

212 799 0001


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