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Best Manhattan life coach, coaching - all New York City. Over 21 years work in transforming lives, and catalyzing personal development. Proven guidance with Dr. Michael Mongno, Ph.D. - affordable, convenient.


NYC Life Coaching Testimonial___________________________

"Thank you so much Dr. Michael for our life coaching sessions! I really appreciate all your support and all you offered me through our meetings. They were rigorously inspiring and directed me to what I consider my best performance. I still return to your very good ideas, thoughts, questions...as well as your continuous support."
—Bridgette Anne, Dancer & Bikram Yoga Teacher, NYC, NY

Life Coach


New York City Life Coach - Total Insight & Proven Methods.

Out of my many years of experience, I see life coaching and personal development as being most powerful from hands-on guidance and in-person work. My coaching and advising approach brings to you several best and proven behavioral techniques to incorporate into your life and aspirations. This leads to achieving very good, true, lasting change in real time—not in some down-the-way period of your life. Importantly, this is change that is permanent. It is not a temporary bandaid condition.

My NYC life coaching starts as a set of goals that are in alignment with your morals, ethics, values, skills and ambitions. Then I guide and help you towards a new life or in creating specifically identified transformations in a select area. Or perhaps multiple areas if that is your intention.

In working with you, I use insightful, experience-based expert training based on what has worked in my psychotherapy practice in breaking through resistant patterns that can keep us in a condition of non-progress or quasi-progress. You know, the stop/starts we all experience.

Toward this I use sequential, quantitative techniques to measure progress, the power of visualization and intentions, personal intuition and focusing techniques to accurately chart your success in any given area.

Beginning your coaching practice with me creates the most efficacious change in these important areas, resulting in a synergistic shift in the quality, enjoyment, and satisfied fulfillment of one’s life:

• Work/life purpose
• Financial/abundance consciousness
• Health/physical and emotional
• Relationship/personal and work
• Spiritual/sacred and existential

Together we progress toward energizing your life in the best ways that are aligned with your authentic, unique self and whole of who you are, body-mind-spirit. NYC Manhattan life coaching, midtown near me - please call me today so we can begin a fruitful conversation.


New York City life coaching and personal development - with highly regarded life coach Michael Mongno. For over 21 years he's been working closely with individuals seeking personal development, and life and career changes. With degrees in business and psychology, and many years experience guiding others into success and fulfillment in a wide range of life expressions, Michael is the ideal coach for your aspirations, goals and transformations. Please visit us for any counseling needs that may arise.

Best NYC Life Coach. 100 W. 67th Street, Suite #2NE, Manhattan, New York City, NY. Midtown. Upper West Side, 10023.

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