NYC Psychotherapist Dr. Michael Mongno - cultivating your personal self discovery and healing. Highly respected therapist bringing you over 24 years of insightful, proven therapy treatment.

Midtown Manhattan psychotherapy office, and serving all surrounding neighborhoods throughout NYC. 


Convenient midtown location:
NYC Manhattan Office, near Lincoln Center.  100 W. 67th Street, Suite #2NE, NYC, NY  10023.

The word "therapy" means "to care for." Thus "psychotherapy" can be understood as meaning "the care of the psyche, or soul." By knowing our authentic self and our own true nature we bring to the forefront all aspects of ourselves as an empowered and Integrated Self engaging the world.

My psychotherapy work begins as a process of self-discovery. Then the work progresses naturally into learning how to consciously care for ourselves. It then transitions into the work of self-actualization and personal development. Over my 24+ years of experience in working intimately with clients I've seen this process's power  to positively change every aspect of your life.

My methodology is oriented toward the comprehensive nature of relationships, which for most Manhattan residents includes the challenges of living in this exciting and often times stressful city. We start with an eye toward our original relationship templates that often are no longer serving us well. We then move toward healing these inner wounds by cultivating deep self-awareness and compassion, furthered by activating our inner resilience to handle life's changes. This nurturing of our inner resources can be very empowering and leads to what I see as real change in real time, thus marking a felt shift in one's consciousness.

In working with me you can expect to achieve greater emotional connectedness with yourself and a consistent awareness of the emotional and mental impact you have on others. You will learn self care mechanisms necessary to manage disturbing emotions amid the uncertainty of our fast-paced lives. I will help you to integrate your disowned selves (the important aspects of yourself that have been sublimated) and learn to express directly and with personal power. You will learn to communicate more effectively by defining your own needs while honoring those of others. With heartfelt dedication and an engaging presence, I assist you in your own journey of self discovery, healing, and actualization.

Midtown Manhattan, NY 10023 psychotherapy with Dr. Michael Mongno - among the city's leading therapists for healing, change and transformation. Please reach out to me soon.


“An extra-special psychotherapist in Manhattan, Dr. Mongno is truly the therapist you're looking for, and need. Ultimately, he helped me grow as a person, using techniques best suited for me. As well, he cultivated in me an aware approach in finding my right partner. In my business world, his insightful strategies catalyzed better decision-making on my part. To this day, I walk out of every session having learned more, and as a much transformed person. That to me is truly fantastic. In NYC Manhattan - highly recommended, certainly among the best, most effective therapists.”
—Jon A, Manhattan, New York City

Please visit us for any counseling needs that may arise.

Midtown Manhattan NYC psychotherapist, Dr. Michael Mongno, is now in his 24th year of therapy, helping over these years hundreds of individuals and couples toward permanent healing in the resolution of challenging conditions and situations. There are many psychotherapists in NYC but few rise to the insight, inspiration and communication skills of Dr. Michael Mongno. His practice is built on the foundations of many of the greatest, most well known therapy thinkers and practitioners in the field—some of whom he’s personally studied with. Manhattan NYC therapist, please call today.

100 W. 67th Street, Suite #2NE, New York City, NY 10023. Upper West Side.

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